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Documentary, 60 min

Meir Eshel, a 22-year-old beach-boy from Southern Israel, buys a one-way ticket to Paris and re-invents himself as an artist calling himself Absalon. He quickly rises to art-scene stardom, showcased by the most prestigious museums worldwide: the Venice Bienalle, Centre Pompidou Paris, Tate Modern Gallery London, Israel Museum.

Absalon’s success was short-lived – almost 7 years pass since his arrival in Paris until his tragic death, during the peak of his success at the age of 28.

More than 25 years later, his younger brother Dani Eshel’s first assignment as estate manager – is to sell Absalon’s final art piece.

Through his journey we learn about the life of a unique Israeli artist.

Director: David Ofek. Co-Director: Anit Azaz. Production: David Noy, Yoram Ivry. Cinemax Productions Ltd.

Cinematography: Yoram Ivry. Editor: Yarden Kum.

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